• Disruptive Innovation: The rise of a platform Economy
  • No More Secrets with Big Data Analytics
  • The Internet of Empathic Things


Disruptive Innnovation: The Rise of the Platform Economy

In this innovative keynote Menno identifies the design principles of the highly disruptive new digital competition. Already more than 9.000 companies play the Uber and Airbnb game. He will explain why disruption is the new normal and provides supporting evidence for the fact that innovation is speeding up. The new disruptors are two-sided market players, profiting form network effects and scalable trust models.

No More Secrets with Big Data Analytics

NoMoreSecrets-cover-234x300How to predict behavior with Big Data? For every organisation Big Data creates new opportunities to predict and precript events. Defining your own Big Data potential is where it all starts. In this presentation Menno will give a lot of examples of Big Data use in different industries. Furthermore he will address how privacy by design can help you to get out of the newspapers. This presentation is based on the book Menno co-autored.


Menno has an outstanding record of customer evaluations of his speaking engagements. He has been presenting on conferences for many years in many different countries. Menno is an experienced speaker in executive meetings, ministries and governmental agencies, for small and large audiences.


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